There’s a Sweet, Sweet Spirit in this Place (Philippians 2:1-5)

Today my co-worker Alena and I arrived at Hadassah Hospital to visit 2 of our Gazan babies. I found myself in the company of Mohammed’s mother, a delightful, sweet, intelligent woman with whom I fellowshipped for over an hour using Google Translate. This mode of communication did not interfere with the mutually enjoyable time we spent sharing family photos and stories, and her willingness to talk about life in Gaza. One important thing I will hold in my heart from our conversation is her gratitude to God for all that He has given her. Although life is difficult in Gaza, Mohammed’s mother believed that this was her lot in life but this was said from a very spiritual perspective. When asked what would make things less difficult now her response was just to have her husband and  children all gathered together around her.

This whole time together was in the presence of baby Mohammed who was intubated and recovering from a diagnostic catheterisation which confirmed the initial diagnosis of tricuspid and pulmonary stenosis. Mohammed has been scheduled for surgery on Thursday. Just prior to leaving Mohammed’s room in the paediatric cardiac ICU one of the nurses reported that they were waiting for Mohammed to wake up so that they could extubate him. Meanwhile he remained in a stable condition.

As I reflect on this time today I can metaphorically speaking smell the sweet fragrance of the Holy Spirit that lingered in that hospital room. I hadn’t expected to meet a Gazan mother who was so open to answering frank questions and so willing to engage in such a personal and spiritual conversation. I believe that I found another spiritual sister today and I ask that you join with me in keeping this precious family intact, for the healing of Mohammed’s heart, and that Mohammed’s mother has further spiritual encounters in the land of Israel.