They are all missing each other

How could you not miss these dear children? Halbast’s mother lovingly showed me these photos of her beautiful children enjoying the snow in Kurdistan. Halbast’s mother is always patient and kind, and will do whatever it takes for Halbast. However, it must be so difficult for her to be apart from her children and husband.

The cardiologist said that a few days ago, there was an increase of fluid in his lungs. They have managed this with a medication given intravenously, and are monitoring him. It seems like every time, some levels in his blood improve, and there are new abnormal findings. And now the doctors would like to perform an ultrasound to determine if his testicles are in his abdominal cavity. His clinical condition is a mystery, and there are always new findings. But it is comforting to know that God is omniscient, and his knowledge can never change.

At this point, it seems like he will be staying in the hospital for a longer time. Please continue to pray for Halbast and his family, as they are all missing each other.