Third Surgery

Mohammed’s dad had a sad countenance as he looked into his son’s face and softly rubbed his hand. “They’re going to operate again,” he said, “This is the third time.” “What would you like us to pray for?” He shrugged. “They won’t know what to do until they see what’s going on inside him. They may do one thing and he’ll need another operation in 2 months, or they’ll do the other thing and he’ll need an operation in 2 years.” After an emotionally bruising 6 hours of waiting the surgeon appeared. He announced Mohammed had become unstable during surgery and it had taken some time to stabilise him. They placed a Sano shunt from the right ventrical to the pulmonary artery. If this is accepted and Mohammed heals well his next procedure to upgrade the shunt will be in a couple of years. Mohammed’s chest remains open for now. Please pray that Mohammed’s body deals well with the changes and he goes from strength to strength.