This beautiful boy

When co-worker Georgia and I visited Ziad at Sheba Medical Center today, he was in the middle of physical therapy. He doesn’t enjoy this, but his room was gradually full of people cheering him on, including his dad, the physical therapist, Georgia and I, and eventually one of the women who brings the meals and laundry around the ward. Like many of the hospital staff, she has known Ziad throughout the months he has been here, and also like most of us once you know Ziad, you can’t help but adore him.

It was nice to spend time with Ziad and his dad. There is a plethora of toys stowed in a small play-size table that fits on his bed, so we drew from this during our time together. Ziad loved the bubbles by far, and enjoyed when I caught them on the end of the wand so he could pop them with his hand.

Please continue to pray for Ziad as he waits for his surgeries. We love this beautiful boy.