This great transformation

Gashbin greeted me with a big smile as I entered her room in the secondary ICU today. Georgia just said: “Guess who will be discharged today.” I can’t tell you how glad and thankful and happy I am that the long journey of waiting and suffering seems to be over. Finally.

I remember the first day they arrived to the hospital a few months ago very well. I had to leave them alone in this empty room on the sixth floor, both of them weeping on the bed with no pillows or blankets, no phone charger and no one who speaks their language, no one they could talk too. The nine year old Gashbin was laying on her mum’s lap, the pacifier in her mouth.
Although Gashbin does still look very weak and thin and says the wound is itching a lot, I am so thankful for this great transformation and the process of healing she went through. When I was sitting next to Gashbin on the couch this evening I just realized how happy I am to have her back home at Shevet. I missed her a lot.

I’m praying that she can fly back to Kurdistan soon, that she can just enjoy her last time here at Shevet and that she feels totally loved by us, but especially by her Heavenly Father.