This lovely boy

Mohaned has been gaining weight in the hospital! When co-worker Julio and I visited him and his grandmother today, Julio said he looks ‘Xapa,’ which is an endearing way of saying “chubby” in Kurdish.

During our visit, Mohaned had some blood drawn. Then I held him for some time and he eventually fell asleep in my arms. We held him quite a bit when he was in Jaffa so it was very easy for him to settle because he’s known me and it felt totally natural to hold this lovely boy again.

Please keep him in prayer as he is stable in the hospital.  The doctors have recommended a guardianship switch before he returns to Gaza, so please pray for expediency and favor with the border to grant the permission for Mohaned’s mother to come.

And please pray for wisdom for the road ahead; he will be a candidate for the Glenn procedure in three months time, God willing.