Through the love of his mom

Yesterday evening we brought another child to Sheba Hospital for her surgery today. She was getting admitted in the room where Sohaib stayed before, and so I directly asked where Sohaib is now, and they surprised me with the good news that he is moved to the secondary ICU!!

When I visited him today I was absolutely amazed. He is looking so much better than last week. He is sitting in his bed, reacting to his mother, she even helped him to stand up a little bit.

Later, his mother was walking with him in the stroller through the hospital. She is such a wonderful mother who spends so much time with her child, plays with him, talks to him and shows him how much she loves him. To see her love for her child is so beautiful! I’m sure that she has such a big part in why he is improving so well now. The doctors are also very happy about Sohaib’s recovery since his last surgery, and want to give him more time until they decide what is coming next.

Thank you God for this cute little boy and for his amazing mother who is caring so wonderfully for her child!