Time for a small party (“hafla”) for Lalo

We last shared that little Lalo had a very high heart rate. We are happy to report today that the doctors were able to bring the high rate down with some medicine. Also, the doctors told her that for now, there is no surgery nor a pacemaker-placement necessary for her little “Ballou.”

These are some of the reasons why Lalo’s mother was in such a good mood today and why she mentioned that she wanted to have a “hafla” for Lalo (a Kurdish and Arabic word for ‘party’). So she was filled with a lot of joy today.

Lalo will need another catheterization either this week or next week, it is not scheduled yet. His pulmonary arteries are still too small so with the intervention of the catheterization, they hope to widen these. Thank the Lord that our lovely “Ballou” is better now.¬† We are so thankful for the decision yesterday evening¬† to take him to the ER.

Please continue to have this lovely boy and his happy and patient mother in your prayers.