Time Goes On

I have been glad to be with Shakar’s mum again at the hospital today.

She is full of grief for her baby, who should be reaching one year old at the end of September. She understands the likeliness of his death. She showed me a set of clothes and a Teddy which she has, new for Shakar.

We also shared some lovely times, video chatting with her sister and children in Kurdistan, and also my parents in England. That was special to me, and I think for her as well, as we both realised that there are people all over the world who are interceding for Shakar and for her. (You may click here to join the 24-hour prayer for Shakar.)

The doctor gave us another update, so compassionate and similar to each piece of news which has come before. She is surprised that Shakar has survived this long, however his organs are continuing to fail him. His breathing is now relying on a different type of ventilator, which is giving an even higher level of support. The doctor struggled to find the right word to describe the intensity of the support which his body is now needing. He also is receiving antibiotics for an infection in his stomach, and generally throughout the body. His chest x-ray today showed that the lungs are now very congested.

I keep on thinking about the concept of ‘hope,’ and about how Jesus is asking us not to put our hope into a solution or particular outcome, but rather to put our hope in Him. Alena shared some thoughts with me about how Jesus calls us to watch and wait with him. We have a few situations at the moment where it seems like Jesus is drawing our minds and understanding closer to him in a new way.

Thank you so much for your watchful prayers and time with Jesus, watching and waiting with Him over these days of life for Shakar and his mother. Praise Him for working through His body across the whole earth. It is so encouraging to look at the online table where people have signed up to pray. And for the words, verses, emails, messages, everything where people have connected back, to encourage one another in prayer.

Thank you for your persistence, to God be the glory.