Tired of waiting

Today I visited Abed and his mother still at Sheba Medical Center.

Abed’s mother is very exhausted. She told me her mind, heart, soul, and body is tired. It’s very hard to live in the hospital for such a long time, being inside most of the time in the little room and seeing children passing by in the ICU right next to her room.

In addition to that, Abed is still stable. From a cardiac standpoint, he doesn’t need any support, except the ventilator. All the nurses and doctors are just waiting until he can be discharged.

Also the nurse mentioned that this week was difficult, but I’m glad to see that Abed’s mother has a good relationships with the nurses who are around the clock present.

We really hope that soon the final decision is made for Abed to go to the Alyn Rehabilitation hospital in Jerusalem or to buy the ventilator. His mom definitely prefers the first option. Also she said she waited for so long, continually very patient, and she really wants the very best for her child still.

After she told me she is doing everything for her child, even accepting the feeling of being imprisoned, I think she is a great mother and I admire how well she deals with the situation. She told me I would experience these strong feelings only as a mother, maybe one day with my own child. It made me also think of Jesus and how much love he has for his children, willing to be nailed to a cross, to suffer for them, for their sake.

Please pray for strength and patience and the final decision to be made soon.