To be reunited with family

Marya found a book and fell in love with it. Its pages were previously torn out and scattered haphazardly, but she loved it anyway. She carried it around with her as she ran around the cardiac unit. She even tried to share it with other families that were waiting for their appointments.
The book had multiple images of a family together, and it reminded me of how difficult it is for families to be separated while they are awaiting for their children to receive heart surgery. As we were waiting for Marya’s appointment, Marya’s father lovingly showed me photos and videos of Marya’s little sister.

Marya singled out a page of the book. The page depicted a mother and child, with the mother softly stroking the child’s head. This image of love is only a glimpse of God’s unending, vast love for Marya’s family. Marya looked at the page fondly, and I wonder if she thought of her mother at that moment.

Thankfully, we received the news that Marya will be returning to Kurdistan, and that she will be reunited with her mother. The cardiologist is releasing her to Kurdistan, but is asking her to return in approximately three months to evaluate her pulmonary pressures and to see what the next step for Marya will be.

Please continue to pray for her family. Her father is joyful to be reunited with his family, but also thinking ahead about how it will be difficult for his family, job situation, and for Marya to return to Israel. We praise God for what he has done in Marya’s heart, and we pray that he will be continually working in her heart.