To fly swiftly

“Aya,” in the Hebrew language, means “to fly swiftly” or “bird.” Our little bird Aya is 20 days today,  and the doctor said her surgery was successful.  Hopefully she won’t need a new surgery in the future. Our Aya will fly far away in freedom and happiness.

But for now, she has to wait with her Grandmother at the hospital at least for this weekend since she had the extubation today, just a few minutes before my arrival to Hadassah hospital in Jerusalem.

Language barriers are always a challenge. Sadly, I forgot the few Arabic words I learned a long time ago, that is to say, before the quarantine. Despite this, there is a working, international language of love, expressed in a simple hug, which can bring hope in the middle of sadness and pain. This happened today. Aya’s grandmother doesn’t speak a word of English and I have about two words in Arabic, but love spoke directly – heart to heart – when we hugged.

I really think we are the extended arms of our Father on this earth.