Today is the day!

The 22nd of March was the day Somaia came to Sheba Medical Center as an emergency newborn. And now, ten months later, Somaia is finally ready to return to her loving home and family.

It feels a bit ‘off’ to walk through the ICU, knowing that Somaia and her mother are not in their room anymore. It didn’t matter how full our day was, we knew that somewhere in the hospital we would find Somaia’s mother and she would give us a big hug, kisses and a great smile. She always wanted to show Somaia to us and update us on how she was doing. Somaia has been through a lot, and I have to admit that sometimes I asked the Lord what His plan was for her. To see her laying still in her ICU bed for months, it seemed hopeless.

But after a couple of months, Somaia improved and improved. And now she can breath on her own and she learns how to eat. She is a miracle. Even though we will miss Somaia and her mother so much, we are so happy that they will be reunited with the rest of the family. Somaia will stay in a hospital in Gaza for a time, where her family can visit her.

Somaia’s impact on the ICU staff became visible today when all the nurses and doctors came over to say goodbye to ‘Sumsum.’ Please join us in continuing to pray for Somaia.