Today’s echocardiogram

Today our little Mohammed went to Sheba Medical Center for an echocardiogram. As it’s the last day for the Passover holiday here in Israel, there were only a few people working; I thought of how the two cardiologists and two echo-technicians have sacrificed their time to be here nonetheless. Sacrifice is often a byproduct for medical workers who selflessly give up themselves for others.

During Mohammed’s echo his mother comforted him.  I remember during his very first echo, he was quite comfortable and trusting, but he has become more agitated from his experience in the hospital and also from receiving injections in his leg which helps to ensure he does not get blood clots. Thankfully, and most importantly, the doctor had his mother hold him and I held up YouTube on her phone to distract him as much as possible.

The echo showed he is stable and there hasn’t been any worsening of his condition; they still must decide about his surgery, but first they would like to do an ultrasound of his left leg, frequently elevated against forming a blood clot since his first catheterization. Then, hopefully after this, they can stop the injections he gets twice a day!

Please keep Mohammed and his mother in your prayers. She has been so patient, wise, and caring throughout the two catheterizations and even now in the ‘not knowing’ if he will have a surgery.