Tomorrow is surgery day!

We went to Sheba Medical Center today expecting just an echo for Mohammed, but as it finished we got the news that he will have his surgery tomorrow!

After the echo, he needed an ultrasound of his left leg where his first cath was to check its blood flow. Then we went up to the sixth floor to find his new room. There was much waiting in between these events, but as always, Mohammed’s mum was patient and kind and so good-natured about everything. At one point, she cradled him in her arms and made funny faces at him, to which he squealed with delight.

She held him as he laughed, but also when he cried as the nurses tried to put apply his cannula. She was the only one who could calm him down during the tests by putting her face right up to his. His little hand grasped her head scarf, providing much needed comfort, as her closeness brought peace and familiarity to him.

His surgery will be tomorrow, it is the Ross operation in which his pulmonary valve will be replaced with a homo-graft. As we said goodbye, I was so amazed by this woman. She is like super-mom. And please pray for little Mohammed as he goes in for surgery tomorrow, that God may bring full healing.