Too light

Today, my co-worker Sabrina and I took Hena and her uncle from our community house in Jaffa to Sheba hospital. From there, it was a full day for Hena.

First, Hena had an echo, then an ECG, her oxygen saturation was measured, and she was weighed. It was the same as last time, where Hena was very interested to look at the echo screen to check her own heart, which was funny for all of us in the room.

Everything looked quite good for Hena. Her doctor said her echo results are ok and as expected for her heart situation. However, last time her weight was 3.7 kilos and now, one month later, she weighed in at 3.5 kilos. This is a problem because the plan is and was that she would gain weight to have a catherization and a surgery which would require growing a little bit.

We and also the doctor didn’t know she wasn’t gaining. In general she’s doing well, eating normally, but still isn’t gaining weight. So that’s why she will have some changes with her medicine and also an appointment on Wednesday with a nutritionist to maybe also do some changes with her milk.

Please pray these changes will work out as planned, that Hena will grow, and can have surgery soon. Please also pray for her uncle. He’s taking very good care of Hena, making her milk recipe, all her medicine, and looking after her all day and night.