Touching hearts from Gaza

We arrived at the Gaza clinic at the same time the families did this morning, we passed off the blood they brought to Colin to be shipped off for testing, and shepherded our little group up to the echo waiting area.

It is mostly a long narrow hallway which makes it tough to interact with everyone, but we made it work. We passed out the sandwiches we had made and some apples and helped get everyone settled. There’s a wide array of faces in our group today, some sleeping babies, some timid and shy, and some smiling brightly, but all thankful to be here! Tuqa chatters with Lisa because she can speak some English, and Lisa gets a chance to practice her new Arabic speaking skills as well!

One beautiful girl dressed all in purple has Down’s syndrome. Her name is Ange, and she has the prettiest smile that gets bigger when I hand her a little yellow bear.

It’s so much fun entertaining them with pop up toys and wind up trains and watching the delight and surprise on their small faces. Alah loves the handmade teddy bear I hand him, and as I hand it to him I think of how many prayers have already been prayed over this little bear by the hands of someone who made it with love, and will never get to meet the recipient, but shares our Father’s love for them. Each child gets some little thing to take home, some get games, some stamps or drawing supplies, and some stuffed animals or dolls.

We had a great time coloring, doing crafts, and putting together a puzzle. I pray continually throughout the day that our Father will touch each life and use something we say or do to draw them to the Savior.

As the day goes on each family goes in and the others wait. We enjoyed a delicious lunch, yet another gift from our loving Father because he loves to bless his children just because he can.

We visited with the Dr who accompanied the children today, he is a pediatric cardiologist from Gaza and longtime friend of Jonathan and Yusef who spent his whole day here with these families to get their children the help they need.

By afternoon nearly everyone is finished and we round everyone up to head out to the van that will return them to Gaza. Colin returns with the ice packs to give back to them and they are on their way. We return home with full hearts praying for the hearts of each person we helped today. May God continue to work in each life and each family!