Tracheostomy for little Abed

There are always a lot of things happening at the same time at Shevet with all the children and especially in the hospital. It was the same today when I went with one of our mothers who’s child just finished his surgery and was brought up to the ICU as I found another mother looking worried standing on the side. It was Abed’s mother.

I went to her and greeted her with a warm hug and asked her if something happened with Abed. She told me they are doing a Tracheostomy for him in his room in the ICU. The reason is his lungs are not working properly.

It was quite surprising for me that they did the surgery for him in his room. But the whole procedure took around one hour and thank God it went well.

Abed’s lovely mother told me a few days ago when I visited her, that Abed is taking backwards steps in his healing process and was sad about it. So please continue to lift little Abed and his lovely mother up in your prayers.