Tracheostomy for little Asmeem

Co-worker Alena and I reached Sheba Hospital early, unsure of when Asmeen’s tracheostomy procedure would take place. The mother greeted us in her usual friendly way, and assured us that Asmeen is in the best possible hands, God’s, therefore she is feeling strong. Here she is before the procedure today.

Asmeen’s mum was visited by some of the other Kurdish mothers, now at the end of their journey here in Israel, coming to encourage her and wish her well.

┬áThe tracheostomy procedure did not take too long, perhaps around two hours. Asmeen’s mother handled the discussions with competence, now she is getting used to speaking Arabic and English. I was so proud of her! It was so great to be able to sit with her during the waiting time, and speak with her about many things, especially her life and family in Kurdistan. She is holding up well in the hospital after so long here.

Thankfully the procedure went well. Asmeen, with her tracheostomy procedure completed, was transported back to the Pediatric ICU.

Thank you for your continued prayers.