Tracking each step

Since being extubated this week, Aurfa has begun a reintroduction to eating and drinking.

Before she went in for surgery, she was often babbling to herself and always ‘on the go.’ Her mum has been tracking her progress each day, saying that she is eating and drinking, but not yet speaking the way she used to. Today, she was much more aware than in the past days. So that is hopeful.

The doctors are also checking about her neurological development and looking to see how she progresses in the next few days. Along with this, her pulmonary artery showed some narrowing in her echo, so maybe she will need another intervention to address this, but that is not for certain yet.

Like her mother, the doctors are watching her recovery and tracking each step. Please continue to pray for Aurfa and her mother.

Often after visiting them at Sheba hospital, and it’s time for me to leave, I honestly wish I could spend the whole day with them. They are treasured and much loved.