Train trip and a Cath today

Today we took a train trip to Jerusalem as a special treat for some of our Kurdish families. Lalo’s Dad was speaking on behalf of the families and asked me if we could do a little trip by train, so today was the day.

During our trip, we had more time to see how lovely and well Lalo’s dad takes care of his son and also of all the kids he had around him. In the middle of the train, Lalo’s dad was sharing different biscuits and chips with the Jewish kids that were seated there, practically demonstrating ‘love our brothers.’ It was a good reminder of the verse “Do not forget to do good and to share with others,” written in Hebrews, chapter 13.

During our trip, we received news that Lalo needed to be admitted today to Sheba Hospital for a Catheterization in the afternoon.

So, we made arrangements to get to the hospital on time and Lalo was admitted for his cath tomorrow morning.

Please pray for Lalo’s procedure and for his dad, who is anxious right now.