Transferred to Pediatric Dept

Since yesterday, doctors at Hadassah Hospital have stopped hypertension medication for Tala and wanted to keep an eye on her to see her reaction.

Today, Tala was discharged from the Pediatric ICU and transferred to the Pediatric Department, where some of the final tests for her were done, that is thyroid and x-ray.

I spent time with Tala’s grandma. She was engaged in art and colors, with a large degree of patience to make those paintings. Today really touched my heart when her grateful words were communicated via google translate. She said she was more than grateful with Shevet Achim that Tala and she herself have been shown so much love and support, and the truly important things that everyone has, but not everyone shows.

Tala could be discharged home tomorrow and have a follow-up appointment for middle of November. We shall see.