Two hours after the flight from Sulaymaniyah landed in Tel Aviv, Lawi and his father finally received their visa to enter into Israel. The Shevet Achim team was praying that their visas would be approved, especially because today was the last day before their visa entry allowance would expire. This is not his first attempt to enter into Israel as his previous visa expired, so we are very thankful that he was able to arrive safely.

The fathers at Shevet Achim warmly welcomed him to the Shevet Achim family. Arkan’s father kindly oriented him prior to his arrival, and Israa’s father eagerly greeted Lawi as he arrived at the Jaffa Center. We could see the smiling and waving father of Israa 600 feet away as we approached the house.

Lawi is a lovely nine year old boy. He has his first cardiac assessment in a few days on Sunday. Our hope is that Lawi will not only have a physical transformation of his heart, but also a holistic transformation. We believe that he will leave Shevet Achim full of life.

Written by: Jana and Colin