Dleza was cleared today to return to the Shevet Achim Jaffa Center. She will need to continue to have follow-up blood test and an echocardiogram. Hopefully she will be able to return to Kurdistan soon.

The transformation in Dleza’s life has been remarkable. We love seeing Dleza smile and care for the other children. Dleza has cared for, with sisterly love, many of the other Shevet Achim children, including Ali and Gashbin. Ali will need a Fontan surgery and Gashbin recently had her Fontan surgery. I remember telling Dleza that Gashbin was also receiving a Fontan surgery, the same surgery Dleza had performed on her one month ago. When she heard that Gashbin was about to have surgery, Dleza kindly encouraged Gashbin from the outside of her room.

Dleza not only empathizes with these children because she has walked this journey of a series of heart procedures, but also because she deeply cares for these children with her presence. Thankfully we worship a God who empathizes with suffering because he humbly suffered for mankind and served as the propitiation for our sins. He not only suffered, but also cares for us as we walk through our journey of life with him by our side.

As Dleza and Talal approach returning to Kurdistan, please continue to pray for their family and the circumstances there. Throughout the day, Talal was intensely watching videos of the recent offenses occurring in Syrian Kurdistan. We earnestly pray for transformation in the hearts of those affected and the effectors of change as well. May they be filled with joy and peace rather than animosity.