Treating Heart and Lungs

Razbar had two appointments today. The first one was with the respiratory doctor, the other one with the cardiologist.

Razbar has been under medication because of the respiratory illness she has, but now the doctor said she is doing better. Razbar will start two new respiratory medications from today. Both doctors will meet after we finish all the echos and check-ups to decide when the heart operation can be done. 

Margarita’s help during both appointments was amazing. She is our new volunteer from Colombia. She doesn’t speak Kurdish but does speak the language of Love, so Razbar was calm when Margarita was singing and playing with her.

Please pray for the father because he needs to go back to his job and they have been here for one month.

Please pray for wisdom for the doctors so they can set the final date for her surgery and please also pray for her father’s patience. They have been here for a month but he needs to understand that the doctors are treating the respiratory illness too.