Treating scar infection

As coworker Petra wrote yesterday, Mira came back yesterday to the Pediatric ER at Sheba Hospital with her father. There was some fluid seeping from her scar after her heart surgery, and the doctor in Hebron sent them back at Sheba.

Her scar seems to be infected. The doctors at Sheba are treating her with antibiotics intravenously and also with a topical treatment to put on the scar directly. The surgeon is going to examine the scar and then they will decide how to treat Mira further. They do not think that they need to open the scar again,  but there is a possibility for that.

When coworker Esther and I visited her today in her room, Mira was sleeping. Let’s pray for the wisdom for the doctors, that they can know what is exactly going on with her and the best plan for her.