Treating the Mass in Her Throat

For Razbar, the day she and her dad have been waiting for was today! Her pulmonary appointment, as well as her echo, were scheduled for today. In the waiting they’ve been so patient, and her dad really understands that it was imperative to his daughter’s health. Her echo looked great, and cardiologically, she needs no further intervention. But to deal with the mass in her throat and chest, doctors must meet to discuss the MRI results from yesterday, and she must also see an ENT doctor, to check her throat for after effects of intubation, and the dermatologist next week.

Please pray for lovely Razbar, even though her heart is working properly, it’s hard to celebrate when she has more appointments before her, but thank God for his work in her life. And thank God for the doctors and nurses that have helped heal her. Please pray for the path ahead, with more appointments coming up, that they would be in God’s time.