Trouble breathing

Osaid has had some trouble breathing during the week. Every time we asked the doctors about his condition, they told us that they want to extubate him. They always said they will extubate him either today or tomorrow, but to our surprise, he still stayed intubated over the weekend.

When we asked the doctors about this, they explained to us that they had him extubated but he was struggling to breathe on his own so they decided to intubate him again. Now they will slowly reduce the support from the ventilator for the next couple of days and then hopefully extubate him soon. His mother is so patiently waiting and is always kind when I see her.

Osaid has lost a lot of weight since he’s been admitted to the ICU so she is worried about him but never gets so frustrated that she doesn’t want to show her son to everyone and proudly glance at his cute tiny face.

Please be with Osaid and his mother in prayer. Pray for his recovery and that he can be extubated soon.