Trust in the Lord with all your heart

Maryam had her second surgery today. It was like a repeat of the first surgery, but on the other side of the body. As a part of Maryam’s condition, she has some extra blood vessels which have developed through which blood flows to the lungs, as her heart is not formed in a way which allows the blood to flow in a typical way, including to and from the lungs.

Maryam or “Mimi” has been on this multi-step journey to address this, and the idea in these two surgeries is to group together these extra blood vessels, and reroute them. Already the mother noticed an improvement in Maryam’s oxygen saturation levels after the first surgery, and so she was hopeful that after this surgery there might be even more improvement. Still, this is not the end of the journey for little Mimi.

Today, Sara (Mimi’s mum) and I reflected on her previous worried feelings that she wouldn’t be able to come to Israel, worried for Mimi having a CT scan, and a catheterisation, and surgery, and another surgery – yet by the power of God, she has coped with added strength and peace in all of these difficult times of waiting for her daughter. Where does the strength come from? Trust in the Lord with all of your heart, and lean not on your own understanding…
The surgery today took about 4 hours, which is longer than the last one. The surgeon told us that the result was very good, and that they hope to make a catheterisation for her next week. The reason will be to assess the condition of her anatomy. It’s likely that she will need another surgery after this, but perhaps not for another few years! We need to wait and see after the cath.

“Another cath! So soon! And then surgery!,”  exclaimed Sara. It feels like this journey is a river, which flows freely with Maryam being taken along without a worry at all, and that Sara is to also jump into the river and be carried by the grace of God and the power of the Holy Spirit during these times; she must rely only on God.

Thank Him for a lovely day together, and for the good news of another successful surgery for sweet Mimi.