Trusting fully in God

Haveen and her mom had a meeting with doctors at Sheba Medical Center today.  They discussed Haveen’s case several times in the last week because her case is so difficult. The doctors explained everything to Haveen’s mother with a lot of patience and answered her questions.

The meeting’s outcome is that Haveen’s mother has agreed to do a diagnostic catheterization next week. The doctors explained that the cath itself has high risks and Haveen might not survive it. After the cath there is a 50/50 chance that they will find her to be operable, in which case, she will face the series of three palliative surgeries over the next few years for a single ventricle heart. Even after passing these surgeries, the heart will not be normal. For instance, one of the doctor’s explained, she would not be able to give birth in her future.

All of this must be extremely difficult for a mother to hear and to decide what to do, but Haveen’s mother took all of this with a lot of strength. She was crying a little bit and told me that she is worried about her lovely little daughter. But then she rang several family members to share this situation with them, and she seemed quite composed. Even if this is very difficult for Haveen’s mother, we can rely on the fact that God has the perfect plan for all of us and the same with the precious life of this beautiful girl and her mother.  Even if we don’t understand things, we must remember we’re looking at it from a human perspective. It may seem impossible to help this little girl in our limited knowledge and ability, but for God there is nothing impossible and He can help if it is in his will.  Please join me in prayer that this will be known by the mother as well, and that she can place her trust fully in God.