Trusting in a God who sustains us

This morning at Sheba Medical Center, co-worker Alena was met by Zakaria’s mother, who shared that Zakaria was in surgery. We found it strange that Zakaria was again in the operating room, just two days after surgery. We inquired and were told that Zakaria was urgently taken to the operating room to be placed on a life-support machine, ECMO. This will allow his heart and lungs to rest, while the machine is operating for his organs.

We were able to spend time with Zakaria’s mother and all the other escorts from Gaza that currently have children in the Sheba Intensive Care Unit. We shared biscuits and beverages, talked about life and supported each other. Zakaria has beautiful siblings who truly love Zakaria. His mother joyfully showed Alena and me photos and videos of Zakaria’s sister sweetly holding him. At one point, Zakaria’s mother kindly offered words of encouragement and support to another mother in the waiting-room circle, also facing a difficult time.

God is sustaining Zakaria’s life and is in control. We must simply surrender and trust. Zakaria’s mother had this peace, to trust in whatever God wills for Zakaria’s life. Please pray for Zakaria during these critical days of his life.