Trusting the Lord’s Mercy

Musa is a 15 year-old boy from Kurdistan, northern Iraq suffering from Left Pulmonary AVM involving the left lower lobe. He was missing his mother the second day and started to cry. I told him to go out and have a walk on the beach. He said no, but latter I saw him going out with other families and he even took pictures and was so happy because many of his friends liked his picture on social media.

Today he had his first echo assessment. He was a little bit nervous. His father was very supportive the whole time, and Musa was asking every single minute for translation. The doctors and the echo technician had to perform a bubble test; here he started to cry when he saw the needles. The procedure went really well, and finally the cardiologist requested an x-ray. We went to the x-ray department and the technician was really kind to him.

The cardiologist thinks the first step for Musa is going to be a cath, but we have to wait for the final decision. Please remember them in your prayers because the father wants the process to be very fast but I explained to Him that every day is a new day and it’s going to be step-by-step, trusting the Lord’s mercy.