Trying new medications

Fayez is still in the secondary ICU of Sheba Hospital and his nurses explained today that he’s doing as well as can be expected. His heart is not in a good condition but the doctors don’t think surgical intervention will help at the moment. Instead, they’ve adjusted his medications and are waiting to make sure the doses are good before sending him home.

This situation is very disappointing for Fayez’s mother, who was hoping for a good solution for him so he could go home much healthier. Even so, she told me over and over how glad she is that Fayez can be here. “If we had stayed in Gaza, Fayez would have died,” she told me in Arabic. “You girls have been there for us for a long time and I love you all so much.”

Please pray for Fayez’s doctors to find a good solution for him so he can grow up healthy.