Trying to extubate

When we visited little Somaia today in the Pediatric ICU of Sheba Hospital, coworker Jakob and I were happy to see the sweet girl sleeping so peacefully. She was so calm but still intubated. The nurses told us that they try to extubate her every evening, but for now they haven’t been successful. The hospital administration said that Somaia can’t stay in the ICU for much longer without any improvement, but the alternative is sending her to Gaza still on the ventilator. Her chances of getting off the ventilator are better if they already try it at Sheba because the doctors know her whole history.

I visited her again a bit later when she was awake and I could see in her eyes how strong this little girl fights for her life.

We want to pray for further improvement so that the doctors are successful with the extubation. Please pray that Somaia can stay at Sheba Hospital for the time it takes to become extubated with stability.