Trying to understand

Yassin was admitted three days ago at the Sheba Medical Center as doctors seek to understand why his heart rhythm is abnormal. He already had an echocardiogram and today was fitted with a holter for a 24-hour recording of his heart’s electrical activity. Doctors say he is stable, and is responding well to medication.  They are trying to understand his heart, and Yassin is trying to understand Israeli cartoons and waiting.

My time with Yassin and his grandma was a really nice time to talk. Yassin told me he has a big family of three sisters, two brothers and 18 uncles, Who are the best soccer players? A few names come out, the first were Benzema, Ronaldo, Neymar and Mohamed Salah.

Yassin is a charming boy, he told me he’s proud of his loose tooth, smiling as he showed me how his tooth moved.

Doctors are considering whether Yassin will need a pacemaker. Please pray for wisdom for them to take the best decision for him.