Twenty meters can be a long way

Today at Sheba Hospital, in the early morning, Mariam had her surgery. I found them coming out from the elevator and we took the long walk to the surgery room and even though it isn’t more than twenty meters, I know it was a long walk for this mom.

We came later to the same hallway and this time she recognized the place, having been there several times before for Mariam’s previous Echocardiograms. This morning, however, this was a new place for her. I cannot imagine how hard it is for a mother to do this, but she is brave one and she did it.

As you may know, communication can be an issue with these moms, the medical staff and sometimes with the Shevet volunteers, but today we did greatly thanks Google Translation. We had a long conversation and now I know that she had a loss six years ago, when another child died for a similar reason, at this point she was crying and I gave her a hug.

She thanked me several times for being there with her and you know what? It was nice to know that we are living this experience heart by heart in connection with them, we are there in the waiting room just waiting to see doctors come out through the door with good news about the surgery.

Today, the doctor was so pleased after the surgery even though it was more complicated than expected but he said everything was fixed and put together correctly. We thanked God for that. I prayed earnestly for this mom and for Mariam. Thank all of you for doing the same. Again, thanks for your help and support.