Two beautiful souls

Yesterday, after four months in Israel, beautiful Mariya was cleared to return to Kurdistan. Her ENT doctor said there is no problem with the physiology of her throat, so the noisy breathing her mom has been worried about should improve as Mariya grows.

Later, Mariya’s urologist explained that Mariya has a cyst on her left kidney, but it is not impairing the function of the kidney at all so it is safe for her to go home without intervention. Mariya will have one final consultation with a nephrologist on Wednesday and, Lord willing, will fly home Wednesday night.

Today, coworker Joanne and I took Mariya and her mom to Jerusalem for the day. We visited the Garden Tomb, and then headed to the Old City for shopping in the bazaar.

For Mariya and her mom, the excursion included a trip to the mosque.

Mariya’s mom is truly one of the kindest people I’ve ever met. Yesterday, she told me she’s happy to go home but she’s sad to leave all of us because we are like sisters to her, and after visiting the mosque today, she told me she prayed for all of us at Shevet Achim. I’m so grateful for the time we’ve spent with her and her sweet little girl here in Israel.

Praise God for his love and care for these two beautiful souls.