Two more weeks of waiting

In two week’s time, Arya will finally have his MRI appointment at Sheba Hospital, an appointment he has had to wait so long for. Without the imaging, the doctors can’t operate on him, so the MRI is a necessary first step.

It’s hard for his mother to just wait, doing life without the rest of her family, but all this hard waiting time is made better by Arya’s smile and humor. He is known for imitating every one of us in every possible situation. It’s funny to see him trying to make faces and just enjoying himself. He always brings a smile to all the people around him.  So while Arya still has to wait, he makes the best of it and as a side-effect, spreads happiness all over the place.

I added this video to show you what a pleasure it is to have this sweet boy around. Let’s pray together for Arya and his mother in their time here. Pray for strength and endurance in the unknowing and for protection from our heavenly Father. Praise the Lord for little Arya.