Two weeks more on antibiotics

As of today, Omar has two weeks left of his antibiotics course. His mum said this today and then pondered whether they would be discharged from Sheba hospital to the Jaffa house or to their home in Gaza, and I said that is always the question!

Omar and his mum are dear friends, so it would be really nice to have them back with us, but they’ve been here for close to two months now, and Omar’s life is a miracle after his rapid deterioration at the start of it. Now he is playing and active and he acts like a normal child, except that his oxygen fluctuates sometimes.

Please pray for him, with one surgery done, his mum and I talked today about how the next one is the biggest and will hopefully also be the final one he will need. For me it was really nice to visit them, the time spent with Omar’s mum was like some reprieve from an otherwise very busy day.