Dleza bravely, but tearfully endured an echocardiogram and multiple blood draws to determine the cause of her arising symptoms of fever and pain. Her brother patiently and kindly comforted her during her examinations. The echocardiogram revealed pleural effusion and ascites, or fluid accumulation in the lungs and abdomen respectively. She not only appeared physically in pain, but also lethargic from the emotional uncertainty of her condition. The pain medication temporarily subsided her physical pain, but could not alleviate her frustration with the hospitalization and the seemingly unending exams.  Despite the uncertainty, God is sovereign and omniscient. May we continue to seek knowledge with the understanding that God is omniscient despite a medical field of uncertainty. It is humbling to acknowledge our limited knowledge and to surrender to God: the giver of peace, source of comfort, and the Great Physician. Please continue to pray for Dleza and her family as they patiently wait to hear back regarding the lab results. Continue to pray that Dleza and her brother find solace in God and develop relationships with him.

Written by: Diana and Colin