Underweight but no weighty problems

Praise God that what was written in the last blog on the progress of our precious Mohammed, became true when he was moved to the normal Pediatric Station at Sheba Medical Center.

When Co-worker Carina visited him today, he was awake and wide-eyed and doing pretty well, all in all. Happily, he is no longer on the monitor. He doesn’t need full-time surveillance now and he is without oxygen assistance, which is absolutely great. For now his weightiest problem is that he is under-weight and still fed via a nasal-tube.

Having been moved to the normal Pediatric Station, it is lovely that Carina is now allowed to go into his room and spend some more time with Mohammed’s gentle father and little Mohammed himself.
One of the physio-therapists told us that they are trying to teach Mohammed the motions of eating again because it seems that our poor little boy has forgotten how to do it; re-learning this skill is vital to the weight-gaining process.

Therapists are doing little exercises that encourage Mohammed to turn his head, move his mouth, and his little eyes. Thank God that he is doing well so far, and thanks to those praying for this precious little boy and his father.