Unexpected Events

Two days ago, Nvin’s admission for catheterization was cancelled due to the lack of hospital beds. At noon today we received a call from the hospital saying that there was room available for Nvin. Immediately we told her mother and headed to the hospital.

Today Nvin and her mother practiced flexibility. The X-ray in the pediatric department was not functioning and so we all adventured around the large hospital facility to reach the adult radiology department. The hospital is the largest hospital in Israel, and people were even biking through the hospital corridors. As a bicyclist whizzed by, we brightly smiled at each other. Wandering around the labyrinth of the hospital bonded us together.

We were relieved when we finally returned to the pediatric cardiac department and admitted Nvin into her bed. Tomorrow she will have a catheterization. Please pray for strength for her mother to be there for her baby girl. We hope that Nvin will continue to have a beautiful, bright smile after her catheterization.

Written by: Joela and Colin