Unexpected Incidents

Today, we were heading to Sheba for a CT scan for lovely Razbar. As other children used to wait for their CT scans up to one month, we were so happy to have this appointment just after a bit more then one week in Israel and also already having three other appointments the last days.

She is such a lovely child. Happy to babble non-stop in her childish language and having a facial expression as she would say something really important – so sweet. Also her dad showed me pictures of his other two girls and his work, so the waiting passed a bit quicker.

When they took her in for the anesthesia and the scan, they were first happy but later concerned about her breathing. We also noticed and discussed her breathing at home, because she has stridor. Especially when she sleeps she struggles to breath and is making terrible sounds. But because she has had this for almost her whole life and her oxygen and respiration have been stable and good, we kept her at home.

Nevertheless the doctors wanted to keep an eye on her, so they transferred her to the pediatric ICU. She will stay there now for one night and hopefully we can find out more tomorrow. A reason to really praise God is the choice of her room. She is sleeping next door to lovely Wareen with her dad. So they both can at least connect and know each other. Please remember sweet Razbar in your prayers. Please also pray for patience for the dad.