Unexpected news

Written by Lene:

Today coworker Jo-Ma and I drove to Erez Crossing point to collect Ibrahim and his mother and bring them to Hadassah hospital in Jerusalem. Ibrahim had an echo check-up.

After we waited a little bit, it was our turn, and the doctor told us after the echo that he thinks there is some endocarditis involvement as well as fluid around his heart and that Ibrahim really should not leave the hospital today.

After he spoke with some of the other doctors, he decided that Ibrahim needed to be admitted.  Ibrahim and his mother were both very shocked by this information. Nevertheless, we admitted via the ER.

We pray that the doctors find out what’s causing the infection and fluid build-up and that Ibrahim gets better soon.


Written by Michelle:

Later in the evening, Jonathan and I paid a visit to the ER to see what had become of Ibrahim and his mother.

We found them still there, waiting for hours to be moved elsewhere. Eventually, sometime close to midnight, they were moved to the Children’s Ward. We understood that a course of antibiotics to treat the endocarditis would begin tomorrow at one point.

We hope to follow-up on what is being done for Ibrahim’s situation tomorrow.