Unexpected overnight stay at Sheba Medical Center

Actually, only an ordinary echo appointment at Sheba Hospital was on the agenda for little Ayub today. When the doctor looked at the results of the same, he drew a positive conclusion. After Ayub’s surgery in September, he is doing well and his heart is in good condition.

However, the fact that Ayub had thrown up frequently in the past few days worried the doctor. The echo did not provide any information about the causes, so the doctor decided to have Ayub checked out in the ER and to observe him for one or two days.

For a day or two: For Ayub and his mother, this meant an unplanned overnight stay that they had not prepared for. Despite this surprise and although Ayub’s mother felt a bit weak, the two bravely endured a blood tests, a corona test, a liquid injection and several examinations in the emergency room.

When we go to the hospital tomorrow for visits, we will immediately ask about Ayub and the results of today’s tests. Lord, please give Ayub and his mother a good night’s sleep and recovery.  Reassure them that you take care of them!