Unexpected Surgery

Great thanks to everyone who prayed for our little Sohaib! He had his surgery today!

When I arrived to the ICU around eleven it took me a little time to figure out that he is having his surgery right now. Sohaib’s grandmother explained that they took him in at 7:30 this morning.

She was in a surprisingly good mood. Spending time with her was so much fun. She talked a lot to me even though I didn’t really understood her and we laughed so much together especially during the video call with Sohaib’s father. Thank you Lord for this blessed and lovely time!

When Sohaib came out of his surgery after around 5 1/2 hours, his grandma started to cry a little bit as she didn’t understand why she couldn’t see her grandchild  immediately. I tried to convey to her that it’s completely normal that the nurses need some time to “get him ready” after surgery and so she calmed down.

When we finally entered his room the nurse told me that he is not stable. I had to leave him like that. However I knew that he is not alone because our father in heaven is watching over him!