Wearing a halter monitor for 24 hours

Before entering the hospital room of Eliyas and his dad, I wondered how I can speak with him if I don’t know any Kurdish? Fortunately, in that very moment, he had a friend on the phone who spoke English, so we could talk a little bit.

I came to understand that Eliyas has been crying a lot for the last two days and for the whole previous night, and doctors weren’t sure why. Eventually, it became known that Eliyas has been experiencing arrhythmias, and is going to be wearing a halter monitor now over the next 24 hours to get a good assessment of his condition. In the last night and for now, Eliyas is doing fine again, as you can see in these pictures.

Eliyas’ dad is full of compliments for the staff and the hospital in general. The staff also are all very happy with him being there and think he is a wonderful dad.

Please pray for little Eliyas, that doctors can help him and also that his oxygen will remain stable now.