Unfortunately not discharged yet

When I visited Shan and her mother today at Hadassah hospital, her mother told me already that they might not go back to our guest house today since Shan had a really high blood pressure yesterday.

For some time I stayed with them to get to know them better since it was my first time meeting them. Shan and I had a lot of fun together and she couldn’t stop smiling every time I cuddled her with her animal toy.

After a while, the doctors finally visited Shan and decided that it was too early to discharge her. Even so, she is improving. They really want to make sure that she is alright. For that reason she might even stay a few more days.

When I asked Shan’s mom later if she had a problem with this, because she might have wanted to go back to our guesthouse in Jerusalem, she answered that she is okay and can stay even longer in hospital as long as Shan is fine. Thankfully, Shan is really doing good and is recovering well from her surgery.

Please continue to pray for our little Shan and her full recovery, so that we can have her soon back in our house and enjoy her beautiful smile even more. Hopefully Shan can be discharged soon and the other families in our guesthouse can finally meet her and her mother again.