United in prayer

co-authored by Ruth



Taman came to Sheba with an atrioventricular Canal (a hole in the centre of his heart). We are thankful he had a successful surgery, after the cancellation yesterday. Yet, God was even at work in this. The surgeon is a friend of shevet; his daughter has visited Shevet and plans to visit again.

Taman’s mother was earnestly praying throughout the surgery, kneeling on a little baby blue blanket. It was a beautiful moment, to be able to pray together after the surgery, kneeling side by side facing north. Thanking God together for his life was a beautiful moment. I was unfamiliar with her way of prayer and just prayed in the way I knew how, with palms open, thanking Christ for his gift of eternal life and for the life of wonderful Taman. This was a beautiful bonding moment between the two of us. It was so special to be able to spend this time together – eating together in the kitchen…..

exploring the hospital together, and learning how to use the machine. Her beautiful friendship and company are a unique gift from God.