Ups and Downs

We had quite a hard day today at the hospital because many of the children are in a bad condition and it is a great burden for the guardians with them as well. So we were really looking forward to visiting precious Sohaib. Everything went very well with him for the few days he’s been with us – the day after he arrived he had surgery already! Praise the Lord. This was two days ago and since that his improvement was as good and fast as a recovery can be, he was even moved to the Secondary ICU this morning. Also, the doctors were planning to remove his central line today. So we heard all of this good news and saw the grandma several times in the hallway, where she was happily chatting with other women from Gaza and also lovingly supporting Rafif’s grandma (she is really struggling a lot, read more here). Visiting Sohaib ended up happening toward the end of our visit. We wanted to end on a positive note by seeing a child doing well; it can be really depressing to see all suffering around you all day.

When we finally came to Secondary ICU looking for Sohaib and grandma, just at that very moment we saw on his monitor the oxygen level had dropped to 30%! This is a really dangerous number to be at – it is life-threatening or can cause great damage if it lasts a certain amount of time. Gratefully, the Sheba crew was there in like a second; everything happened very quickly and people were running around. With an extra load of oxygen Sohaib was brought to a stable condition again, stable at least for now.

The crisis came, according to the nurses, out of nowhere. They had some slight ideas as to why this might have happened, but nothing sure enough to say yet. Pulling the central line was then obviously cancelled for today. We have to wait and watch if he will improve further and stay stable. Please pray for no more sudden drops of oxygen!

Also please include our community into your prayers today; many of the children are in a bad condition and this also has an impact on us, as we see all the suffering. Thank you!

However, we know that we have a hope and a rock that will never fade, Jesus Christ our savior who we can throw every burden on. In one of our morning meetings this week we talked about the verse from 1 Peter 5:7:

“Cast all your cares on him, because he cares about you.”

This shall be our action in each daily care!